Office Facility

  • Area :
@ Pranav Apt, Thane : 2500 sq. ft., 35 seats.
(Near Thane Railway Station)
@ Manas Anand, Thane : 1600 sq. ft., 30 seats.
@ Runwal Nagar, Thane : 600 sq. ft., 10 seats.
  • Equipment :
    • LAN network having independent mail server & data server.
    • The office facility is adequately equipped with required number of computer terminals, printers, Scanners and photo copying machines, so that each engineering resource can be linked to server through dedicated terminals.
    • Entire office facility is centrally connected through e-mail and internet.
  • IT Facility :
    • Setup of 35 workstations at Pranav Apt.
    • 30 workstations at Manas Anand
    • 10 workstations at Runwal Nagar
    • Two Domain and Storage Servers for all Static and Dynamic Storage (One at Pranav Apt. and another at Manas Anand).
    • An email server configured with ideal email management system which can connect both the operating offices interactive.
    • Regular and Scheduled Backup System
    • Storage for Past Project Information
    • Antivirus security in all workstations including Servers