Our Team is dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality of work, superior service and personal attention to detail on each project. Our team promotes innovative problem solving tactics through a flexible and no-nonsense team approach, which enhances our knowledge, engineering skills, and provides a proactive approach to your projects. In all of our projects our goal is a commitment to reduce energy, operation, and maintenance costs to efficiently use all natural resources, to reduce waste and pollution, to increase the final products durability, and to utilize local product and resources when available.


With EPICONS we share a very long relationship of 10 years. They are our partners for providing complete turnkey solutions in field of civil and structural design.


  • XinJiang Petroleum Investigation Design and Research Institute Co. Ltd. (CPEXJ) :

Xinjiang Petroleum Investigation Design and Research Institute (Co., Ltd.) is a wholly-own subsidiary of CNPC holding 100% of China Petroleum Engineering Company.

With CPEXJ we have recently signed Strategic Cooperation agreement to work on various oil and gas projects in India, China and other countries. PSE shall act as an Indian representative to CPEXJ to execute projects in India by way of providing specialized Technical services and EPCM for their other projects in China and abroad.



LAKEL is an indigenous Nigerian company providing Oil and Gas Services, Technical Consulting, Project Development and Management Support, Engineering Services, Equipment Supply, training and development in the upstream and downstream sector to clients in the oil and gas industry since 2005.

With LAKEL we have recently signed MOU to work on various oil and gas projects in Nigeria. PSE has been appointed as a Technical partner specializing in feasibility studies in upstream exploration and refinery projects for in Nigeria.